National Coalition Institute
Research into Action
January 15, 2021

Research Into Action Webinar: Perception of Harm From E-Cigarettes and Support for a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Dr. Matthew Rossheim discussing his recent article, “Aerosol, vapor, or chemicals? College student perceptions of harm from electronic cigarettes and support for a tobacco-free campus policy”, which was published in Journal of American College Health in 2020. Dr. Rossheim discussed the article’s findings regarding perception of harm of secondhand exposure to e-cigarette emissions and support for tobacco-free campus policies among college students. The article found that use of “chemicals” or “aerosol” instead of “vapor” to describe secondhand e-cigarette emissions in health communications was associated with increased odds of perceiving secondhand exposure to e-cigarettes as harmful. The article also found that greater perceived harm of secondhand exposure to e-cigarettes was associated with increased odds of support for tobacco-free campus policy. Dr. Rossheim discussed how coalitions can frame their health communication campaigns to influence public opinion on risk perception and policy options.

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