National Coalition Institute
Research into Action
June 9, 2021

Research Into Action Webinar: Administering Youth Public Health Surveys in Rural Communities

Leonardo Kattari, MSW, discussed his recent article, “Community-Driven Approach for Youth Health Survey Administration and Data Utilization,” published in Health Promotion Practice in 2021. Mr. Kattari discussed the article’s findings regarding community engagement strategies to promote local school participation in statewide youth public health surveys, particularly schools in rural communities. He also presented on the importance of localized data in selecting effective interventions to improve youth health and how coalitions can apply these findings in their own youth survey efforts.

Additional Resources:

  • Community-Driven Approach for Youth Health Survey Administration and Data Utilization (Health Promotion Practice): Click here to read an electronic copy of the article referenced in the presentation.
  • Leonardo Kattari’s Work: Click here or here to learn more about the presenter’s work.
  • Community Engaged Research: Check out the University of Michigan’s website to learn more about how communities can be more involved in research targeting local health issues.
  • Health Promotion Practice Notes: Health Promotion Practice provides additional resources related to its published articles, including a podcast – check it out here.

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