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April 6, 2022

NCI Trainer Colber Prosper More Than Skin Deep

Stress is a motivating factor for substance use/misuse. Chronic stress, which is stress over a prolonged period of time, can cause physical health issues and mental illness. So, what would it mean if one’s chronic stress is associated to their skin complexion and/or ethnicity? Racial discrimination has been found to be a stressor for a number of communities of colors and people are using substances to cope. This interactive session covered how the social construction of race has a devastating impact on the health of people of color. Participants were the tools and resources to help their coalition brainstorm strategies to enhance their communities’ health equity initiatives.

Resources: TED Talk – How to let go of Being a “Good” Person — and Become a Better PersonRacial Equity ToolkitRacial Discrimination Identification and Mitigation Worksheet

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