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National Coalition Academy (NCA) Registration

How do I register for NCA?

I submitted incorrect information. How do I change information on the registration?

Contact and specify what you would like to change on your registration. A staff member will change it on the back-end and confirm with you via email.

I did not receive an email after registration. Where do I look to find if my registration was submitted successfully?

All applicants should receive an automated email after completing the registration form. If you have not received it, check your spam or junk folder for an email. If you have checked and were unable to find it, you might have provided a colleague’s or incorrect email address. Contact to update email address.

Note that priority is given to year 1 DFC recipients, followed by Year 6 DFC recipients. Other coalitions will be accepted based on space availability and placed on a wait list and notified if space becomes available.

For the National Coalition Academy registration, if we have not hired someone yet should we register as a coalition or wait until we hire someone?

You can complete the form and mark that you are not sure who will be attending the National Coalition Academy at this time. Once you know which coalition members will be attending, you can reach out to to update your registration information.

If you registered someone who cannot attend and want to substitute for someone else, please contact with “Site Name Registration Update” in the subject line with the updated information and a staff member will respond to confirm and update the information.

I wasn’t able to register for my first choice in cohorts. How will I know if a space becomes available at that site?

You will have been able to place yourself on the waitlist for the cohort of your choice. If space opens up, we will inform you if you would like to have the spot. Otherwise, you can simply select another cohort.

Post Training

What are the five products (documents) that coalitions must create in order to graduate?

  • Community Assessment
  • Logic Model
  • Strategic and Action Plan
  • Evaluation Plan and Evaluation Communications Plan
  • Sustainability Plan

Some coalitions already have these products. That is great! We ask you to bring these documents with you to the NCA. The training will provide an opportunity to enhance these products.

Could a coalition graduate again?

Yes. If coalition member/s attend all three weeks of the NCA and submit all required products, the coalition qualifies to graduate again.

Where can I get proof of attendance for NCA to apply for Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS)?

Contact with the NCA location and year attended. A CADCA staff will provide you with an official letter of participation with the contact hours.


Is the NCA open to year 6 DFC recipients?

Yes, it is. Year 6 DFC Recipients are encouraged to attend, especially if there is change in staff. However, priority registration is given to Year 1 DFC recipients.

Are Year 6 DFC recipients required to attend Coalition Academy?

Year 6 DFC recipients are not required but recommended to attend either as a refresher or to train new key staff.

I went through the Coalition Academy last year before we were DFC funded. We are a new grantee. Do I have to attend again?

It is possible that new DFC Recipients could be exempt from attending, if the coalition have attended all three weeks and graduated from the NCA in the past. For more information on exemptions, please contact your CDC Project Officer.

If we have already attended academy last year, and just want a refresher on week one, do we need to attend all three weeks, with two people, or can we just do the one?

A graduated coalition can attend the academy, if space allows. However, these coalitions must still follow regulations around coalition attendance and participants; coalition must attend the same site for all three weeks with two participants at each week.

If one of our coalition members already attended the NCA before we received the grant, can that person attend again?

Yes, that person can attend again, though they are not required to. It is recommended that the coalition coordinator have attended the National Coalition Academy.

Coalitions that completed and graduated from NCA may be exempt from attending the NCA again. For more information on exemptions, please contact your CDC Project Officer.

I am not a coalition member, could I attend the NCA?

It is a requirement that individuals must be coalition members in order to attend NCA. Do not be discouraged as we have plenty of resources for you! We encourage you to take advantage of our e-learning courses and Coalition Development Support line available to you free to cost. You can also bring us to your community to do a training; contact

For the National Coalition Academy, do we need to go to the same location for all three weeks?

Once registered, coalitions must attend all three weeks of the same location selected. The weeks cannot be switched between other NCA locations.

Training Details

Where can I find the details such as dates, cohort name, and other information, about the NCA?

How much does it cost to attend the NCA?

Registration, training and training materials are FREE of cost.

National Coalition Academy sites may be in person, hybrid, or virtual. If in person, participants are responsible for the costs associate with travel, lodging, and other incidental expenses.

If your proposed budget on your grant was inaccurate, contact Grant Management Specialist to update your budget to accommodate NCA.

What are the training hours?

Each training week is Monday to Thursday. Times will be announced closer to the start of the week, but please assume the training will take the majority of your day.

What are the topics taught at the NCA so that I can determine the appropriate person to attend for each of the training week?

Visit to see the topics taught by week.

I am registered; is there anything else I need to do before the training?

There will be an orientation call where we ask at least one person per coalition to attend. On the call we will introduce you to the trainers, CADCA staff, and share what to expect. NCA registrants will be notified when the orientation call is scheduled. In the meantime, you could prepare by doing the following:

  1. Meet with your coalition to discuss the goals and expectations for the NCA;
  2. Schedule a time after each NCA training week to brief your coalition;
  3. Plan to bring the Project Narrative portion of their DFC Grant Application (Section A) along with some local data;
  4. If you have existing documents of (1) a community assessment, (2) a logic model, (3) a strategic & action plan, (4) an evaluation plan and (5) a sustainability plan, ensure to bring copies (electronic or hard copy).

If you have questions about what information you have or should plan to bring to the National Coalition Academy, please reach out to our Coalition Development Support team at

Website Technical Assistance

How do I login to the Workstation?

Information about the Learning Management System used for the National Coalition Academy will be sent out in mid-January.

I cannot login to DFC Me to upload my documents?

CADCA does not oversee DFC Me. DFC National Evaluation team can be reached at or 877-854-0731 for technical assistance.

I am experiencing technical issues when on Grants Solutions.

CADCA does not oversee Grants Solutions. Please contact Grants Solutions Desk at:

GrantSolutions Help Desk


8:00AM to 6:00PM EST
Monday – Friday


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